What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a journey of discovery that assists individuals in finding who they truly are and developing into who they always wanted to be. This change is lasting, because you are involved in discovering the right answers and you will better commit to ideas that you take ownership of than an external strategy you have to apply.

What is a life coach?

A life coach is a professional that is trained to develop you and guide you to discovering your full potential. Similar to a sport coach, that teaches you practical skills, a life coach pushes you to push yourself further and live the life you know is possible. A life coach can assist you with any challenge you may face by asking the right questions and facilitating as you discover the answers for yourself. A life coach believes that positive lasting change is possible and assists you with practical tools to bring the change you long to see.

Why life coaching?

Life Coaching is essential in assisting with the following areas:

  • Stress management and finding balance in a busy life.
  • Spiritual as well as personal growth.
  • Dealing with negative emotions.
  • Maintaining intimacy in relationships.
  • Gaining effective communication skills.
  • Planning and development of your professional career.
  • Discovering who you are and living true to this identity.
  • Matching who you are and what you do, so that you can be blissfully happy every day.
  • Time management and personal motivation.
  • Balancing family life and parenting effectively.
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Managing budgeting and financial freedom.
  • Managing your health and wellbeing.
  • Keeping a healthy lifestyle and aging gracefully.
  • Truly accepting and respecting yourself.

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