LEWAH Life Coaching, in combination with the Tall Trees Leadership Profile, unleashes the limitless potential inside every individual!

Demolish the boundaries in every aspect of your life. See your business, finances, wellness, famlily and relationships soar. Trade in fear, pain or rejection for a life of excitement, joyfulness, gladness and love.

Discover your unique leadership strengths and situations which best suit you. By identifying your specific needs and danger zones, you can go further with less effort. Establish your communication style; learn how you could handle conflict with ease and grow to become the ‘full-version’ of yourself!

Dare to take on the challenge of living the LEWAH-way (LifE With A Heartbeat), whether you are a student, partner, parent, employee or CEO.

LEWAH Life Coaching, in combination with the Tall Trees Leadership Profile, guides you in unlocking the dust-covered greatness inside you, by revealing you already know the answers that you’re searching for. By asking the right questions, you will get the right answers.

Set off the time bomb in you and let your life explode with possibility!

Because LEWAH Life Coaching believes in sustainability and lasting life change, the sessions, workshops and courses are structured in such a way that your entire inner system is restructured and rebuilt to serve you and your goals best.

Sessions, workshops and courses are focused on universal life changing principles that will enable every individual to reach their full potential. On this journey you will discover who you really are and develop more effective ways in working with people that are different from you.

This is a new and fresh approach to increase the productivity of the company as well as release the inherent greatness in the individual through interactive activities. You are involved in the change and growth process; therefore the results are more effective.

Sessions, workshops and courses include relevant video clips, a visual presentation, thought provoking questions, quotes, powerful coaching principles, challenges and self development questions where you get to be the coach and are also given an opportunity to really get to know yourself. The main focus is lasting change and self-discovery that is fun and empowering!

The course content is based on the material and work of many well known and influencial individuals such as:          

Hettie Brittz, Annatjie van Zyl – Founding directors of Tall Trees and Evergreen Parenting  

Francois du Toit – International master life coach and coach trainer of Let’s Live Coaching South Africa

André Bronkhorst – Mentor, founder of X3DE Youth camps and International Prophet

Arno and Mariaan Claassen – Founding directors of MoneyWise, LifeWise, IdentityWise and RelationshipWise

Life coaching infuencers and writers – Anthony Robins, Dean Graziosi, Clare Graves, Leslie Cameron-Bandler, Wyatt Woodsmall, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Tad James, L. Michael Hall & Bobby Bodenhammer, Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma, Daniel Goleman, Paul Ekman, Francois Janse van Rensburg, John Kehoe, Marc Steinberg, Milton Hyland Ericson, Melissa Kelly and Johan Lethrer.

Are you ready to live life with a heartbeat?

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