Relationship coaching facilitates open and constructive communication. Reconciliation is the goal. In the rush of life and commitments, couples lose perspective on what the foundation of their relationship is; this is why things get tough, and sometimes even too tough.

Couple counselling dig into where the emotions come from so they may realize the error of their ways, this however is very time consuming and frustrating. Relationship coaching is concerned with present and future, growing and learning.

Improving on a person’s state of mind will necessarily lead to an improvement in the decision making process in the future. Implementing change is one of the main focuses and relationship coaching provides tangible help in doing so. New skills and techniques are brought to the relationship.

Relationship coaching is not only for couples with difficulties in their relationship, it also helps the couple to analyse what possible problems can occur due to personality differences. Relationship coaching provides valuable insight for each individual into themselves as well as their significant others.

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