The heartbeat of every family is to love and be loved. Many families miss out on this joy either because they do not know how to live with their great differences under one roof or because important foundation blocks are missing. Family coaching puts the focus back on “we are a team” and realigns the goals and vision of the team members.

Through programs such as Evergreen Parenting and the Family 101 coaching journey, families are restored to their rightful place in society. It was designed to be a safe house from the many influences of the big world around us. Important principles are incorporated into the family value system and every member of the team brings their unique attributes to the table.

Having a long-term perspective on parenting will enable parents to regain authority and have a greater influence on the moulding of their children. Through bettering communication, asking the right questions and reconnecting with one another, family coaching helps families put the magic back in doing life together.

Are you ready to live life with a heartbeat?

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